World of Jo Malone London

Celebrating British style with

unexpected fragrances and

the art of gift giving.



Fill your life with scent. British bespoke fragrances. For her. For him. For the home. Immaculately wrapped in our signature box. Create an individual statement.

An understated style.  Defined by an unconventional sense of sophistication.  With taste that is rarified, yet a touch audacious. Timeless and elegant…but always infused with a charming dash of wit and whimsy.

It is exactly these distinctly British qualities that are the heritage, and heart, of Jo Malone London. Since its inception in 1994  - when our founder created a handful of scents revolutionary in their discerning simplicity - Jo Malone London has become a name internationally synonymous with all that is most coveted in British style.

From its Georgian townhouse in 52 Gloucester Place, the Jo Malone London Studio orchestrates a world of bespoke luxury.  It is inspired by, and immersed in, modern British culture, curating collections between world-renowned master perfumers and London's leading creative talent.  In working with the most forward-thinking style mavens, Jo Malone London is enduringly at the forefront of perfumery.

Art of Gift Giving

Indulge Someone You Love

A token of gratitude, genuine surprise or well-deserved indulgence.  The gift of Jo Malone London is always a welcome luxury.

From the smallest thought to the grandest of gestures.  The iconic cream box, wrapped with finesse for a lasting impression.  Loosen the ribbon.  Lift the lid.  Crisp, black tissue spritzed with Lime Basil & Mandarin.

Choosing is almost as exciting as receiving.  Unexpected scents, coveted candles and sumptuous bath and body care.  For her.  For him.  For the home.

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Bespoke Scent

Uniquely Yours - The Art of Fragrance Combining™

Fragrance is a personal statement. Imagine creating one of your own. Discover Fragrance Combining™ Jo Malone London scents can be worn solo or layered for truly individual effects.  Freshen a rich floral with a citrus zing.  Add spice for a warm allure. Create something unexpected. A long-time signature.

Think of Jo Malone London as the Savile Row of scent: finding a precise ‘fit’, a scented statement perfectly suited and tailored to your taste. From energising citrus and luscious fruits to spectacular florals, intense spices and aromatic woods, they are an elegant expression of individuality, embracing every mood and occasion.

Each fragrance is crafted from the highest quality ingredients by master perfumers. Tailor made, exquisitely simple, refined. And always with a touch of the unexpected, a characteristic of every Jo Malone London creation.

For a more bespoke approach, Fragrance Combining™ fashions a truly unique scented signature. While every cologne is stunning worn alone, each is designed to be layered with complementary or contrasting Jo Malone London colognes and crèmes.

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Charity Gardens

In Support of Urban Community Gardens

As gardens are a major source of inspiration for Jo Malone London, we are committed to charities around them.

We are partnering with charities that use gardens to bring beauty to urban communities and to nurture and restore individuals and families by creating public gardens and green spaces for increased education, well being and public safety, as well as employing gardening skills as a pathway to work and self sufficiency.